Maine is home to the most veterans per capita in America. Maine is also home to the fastest growing local food movement and the home of the youngest new farmers in America. Veterans are taking their place in this local food movement by helping each other define a future around small business success stories that will mold a stronger, more complete agricultural economy in Maine.

At United Farmer Veterans of Maine, we work diligently toward fulfilling our mission in helping our population of Maine veterans. It is of the utmost importance that we continue serving each other after military life and at UFV of ME, we are dedicated to achieving that goal. Each and every day, our farmers continue serving Maine’s communities and take pride in providing the very best of quality in their products.

We are an organization for veterans who have the drive to farm. At UFV of ME, we know what it takes to become successful farmers and we offer our decades of knowledge and experience to any veteran wishing to learn about farming.

We love our farms and our veterans here in Maine and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please join UFV of ME by completing the following form.

UFV of Maine’s daily operations are entirely based on volunteerism. We have no paid staff and most of what we do is done by veterans themselvesALL funds raised completely go to cover costs and fund our programs for veterans.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in telling our veterans that not only do you thank their service, you appreciate how they have chosen to continue serving.

Where we are today  

We are currently obtaining our 501 (c)(3) designation from the IRS. What that means is that we are a veterans based non-profit working for the betterment of ALL veterans in Maine. Through our farm programs around agriculture and agribusiness development, we offer every veteran that comes to our organization a unique opportunity to become part of Maine’s agricultural movement.

During this transition, we have a community partnership with the Maine based 501c3, the Columbia Street Project.  All donations given will receive a tax-deductible receipt.