January 2017

United Farmer Veterans of Maine

Meeting Minutes Annual Board Meeting

February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017



Walter Morse:   ___X__               Chris Knowlton: __X___

Jerry Ireland:     __X__

Brent Ellingwood:__A__




Gary Giberson: _A_____           Tom Wagner:__X___

Fran Lofland: ____X___          John DeVeau__X___

Clayton Spinney:___X__         Chris DeRosa__X___

Anne Weinberg:__X___

Mark Braun__X_

X = Present    A=Absent



Guest: Stan Moody, PhD –

Alice Wagner.

I.      Call to order – Pledge and Opening Prayer

Meeting called to order at 6:15 by Walter Morse.  Pledge recited and opening prayer done by Clayton Spinney.

II.    Roll Call

All members present as indicated in attendance above.

III.   Approval of minutes from last meeting.

  • No minutes to approve.


IV.   Board Appointees:

·         Fran Lofland – Financial Secretary – Brief description given of Fran’s background.

Clayton Spinney made a motion, seconded by Ann Weinberg.

Board voted and all approved nomination of Fran Lofland.

No one opposed the motion.


  • Mark Braun – South Regional Director

Clayton Spinney made a motion, seconded by Ann Weinberg to appoint Mark Braun to the South Regional Director.  Brief discussion on Mark’s experience that he brings to the board.  Mark Braun is replacing Mark Smith as the South Regional Director.

Board voted to approve Mark.  No opposed votes.


  • Chaplain – No one to fill this role at this time, but we will look for that resource to add to our Board.
  • Community Directors – Extension Representative– Dick Brozawski works at the extension and is a helpful resource to United Farmer Veterans. Dick expressed interest in being a community director for us. Clayton Spinney made a motion to appoint Dick as a community director.  All voted in favor no one opposed.


  • Distribution Director- Clayton Spinney – Ann Weinberg made a motion to accept Clayton Spinney as the distribution director; Chris Knowlton made a second motion. Board voted to approve Clayton as distribution director. No one opposed.


  • Book Keeper– Chelsea Spalding, will come on board for up to 4 hours per week for $10.00 per hour to keep the books for United Farmer Veterans. Chelsea will keep the books; she will use quick books and utilize United Farmer Veterans laptop.


  • Discussion about the role and what is needed accountant vs. book keeper.


Motion was made by Walter to hire a book keeper (Chelsea) to set up quick books for 4 hours or less per week. Ann W. seconded the motion. Discussion took place to set expectations clearly.  Board voted to approve- one opposing vote.

Walter requested the Board come to the Community meal in February to meet Chelsea as she will be in attendance.


  • Board is requesting a written agreement with Chelsea, outlining expectations in hours and the work to be done – 4 hours per week maximum.  If more than 4 hours it will need Board or approval by Executive Director.  We will ask for a minimum notice if she was to leave or not meet her obligations.



Board of Director Roles:


All Board members signed the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement and turned them in to Jerry Ireland.  Discussion took place about not sharing information or intellectual properties of United Farmer Veterans.


Regional Board Directors– need to have communication with Veteran farms in their area it is an expectation of their role.  Walter discussed that it is important that Regional Directors have active oversight of projects to alleviate some of the project management for Jerry and Fran.


V.    Open Issues:

  1. Annual Meeting Reports- United Farmer Veterans August 2016 – December 30, 2016. Jerry reported on income and expenses during that time.


  1. Membership Report 2016 – Current Veteran membership is approximately 125, Patriot members are approximately 21. Veteran members are required to have a DD214 on file with United Farmer Veterans. We are updating membership information to ensure we have accurate information on file.




  1. Financial Report 2016 – Jerry has captured volunteer hours in the report, reported on income and expenses. There are two outstanding invoices from Farmer Veteran Coalition that needs to be paid by them. United Farmer Veterans cannot pay for those invoices.


  1. 2017 Budget Part 1 & 2 – Review of proposed budget for 2017, including new projects in 2017. Some of the proposed budget amounts may come in as donations to United Farmer Veterans.   Tom Wagner made a motion to approve the budget.  Ann Weinberg seconded the motion.  Lots of discussion about individual budget items.  Approved by Board, one opposed


VI.   Projects:

A.    Cottage Project:  Fundraising needs to continue.

  1. Camden Site: In process, agreements and legal documents being created.
  2. Pets – 4 – Farmer Vets: A fundraiser will be held in March to raise funds for this program.
  3. Community Meals: First community meal was held January 29th, 2017. Sunday evening dinner with attendance of about 125.  Going forward the meals will be held on Saturday and may alternate breakfast and lunches.  Hoping to get a new kitchen set up with equipment so we can lease it to the church and get it certified.  Quotes for new kitchen equipment were provided in Board binders at this meeting.   Our farmers would be able to use it for commercial preparation of their products.
  4. Arm-2-Farm: Jerry and Fran had a conference call with the Arm to Farm people at NCAT.  This workshop is paid for by NCAT, all expenses for the one week training.  This is actually a 3 year grant.  First year is one week of training and the following two years will involve an event to support networking.    This event is a huge recruiting opportunity for new Veteran farmers.
  5. Fiscal Sponsorship Change: Currently we have an agreement with KARL as our fiscal sponsor that has been in place for several years. Do to our location at Columbia Street it makes sense to change our fiscal sponsorship to Columbia Street Project.  The administrative fee is 5% and we have daily interaction and direct relationship with Columbia Street.  KARL representatives can be challenging to get in contact with.  Columbia street is a 501 (c) (3), United Farmer Veterans is a 501 (c) (19) so having the dual coverage allows both organizations to apply for different programs that would otherwise we would be excluded from. Under our new partnership with Columbia street the % we have to pay is only on money not donated items (with Karl we have to pay on all items taken in / money or items).  We pay 5% on the actual items that are donated to Columbia Street Project.

Clayton Spinney made a motion to approve the change in fiscal sponsorship.  Tom seconded the motion.  Board voted and approved the change.



VII. New Business:

A.    Policy Committee:  Will need to review policies and update as needed.  Table until April meeting, and work can be started on the review.

  1. Homegrown by Heroes (HBH) / Mainegrown by Vets (MBV): Do we want to continue to use Homegrown by Heroes, which is a national program based in Kentucky.  We have not gotten a response from the HBH program.   Is this the time to make our own certification?  Before we launch the CornerStone Market place?

John made a motion to create our own Mainegrown program, Ann seconded the motion.  Discussion amongst the members- should we vote to create our own brand / certification.  Board voted – all approved.

Board will put together a project committee that will actually create the program collectively with Fran and Jerry.


  1. Cornerstone Marketplace: Ann will be project manager on this project.  We have a donor identified that will donate funding for the e-commerce site for our project.  The site  designer will come meet with us for 3 days – and will be available for video conferencing throughout the project.  This donation needs to be accepted and the donation can only be accepted for the specific project.  The designer has managed an e-commerce site for several years.   A motion was made by Ann and seconded by Walter.  Board voted to approve the acceptance of the donation to build the               e-commerce site.  No opposing votes.
  2. Commercial Kitchen Quote – discussed earlier in meeting.
  3. Veteran Non-Profit Partners– rental of space to other Veteran organizations – we support Columbia Street Project overhead costs. Veteran organizations are outlined below.  They would bring needed resources to our organization. Board voted to approve negotiations with these organizations to have them rent space from us.  Tom made the motion and was seconded by Walter.


Easter Seals

Maine Veteran Project

Veterans for Veterans


VIII.          Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 pm.