United Farmer Veterans of Maine exists to promote collaboration that advocates, supports, and mentors Maine’s military veteran farmers in order to facilitate success in sustainable and secure agriculture throughout our communities in Maine.


United Farmer Veterans of Maine seeks to proliferate military veteran farmers in Maine to create and maintain successful sustainable agribusinesses.


  • We believe, in honesty and transparency in all of our dealings as an organization
  • We believe, in giving a hand up not a hand out
  • We believe, personal responsibility and initiative creates the strongest formula for success in agriculture
  • We believe, all veterans count, we need not leave a single Maine veteran behind
  • We believe, peer-to-peer veteran support networks have the most long-term value for Maine veterans in agriculture
  • We support, all types of agriculture and agribusiness endeavors
  • We support and honor, the practical farming paths chosen by each individual veteran
  • We support, farm business growth, employment, and self sufficiency in the agricultural career path chosen
  • We support the veteran, by long-term business plan development through peer-to-peer support networks, mentorship, life coaching and other resources needed for the long-term success of each veteran in agriculture


  • Increase veteran and patriot memberships
  • Promote United Farmer Veterans of Maine to the general public
  • Build farming through Americanism
  • Support ALL veterans in their farming ventures
  • Design and provide educational programs for veterans wanting to farm
  • Identify & Pursue grants and other funding opportunities
  • Purposefully reach out to the youngest generation of veterans
  • Re-access each year
  • In helping our veterans remember that in helping the entire family the veteran is helped more over the long run
  • Commit to addressing and using more Hands-On approaches for PTSD/TBI agriculture training
  • Leverage existing infrastructure for the proliferation of farmer veterans of Maine.
  • Facilitate access to agricultural land and farming opportunities in Maine
  • Promote best practices to optimize agricultural capacities in Maine
  • Develop partnerships with consumer markets that encourage farm growth in Maine
  • Create farms job list